What Is the Difference Between CR2025 and CR2032?

The numbers connected with diverse batteries may perhaps be complicated for you. Thus, we are going to remove some of the confusion by talking about the variation in between the CR2015 and CR2032. We will also discuss the takes advantage of of every so you can get the finest value for your dollars. Study on to locate out much more about the difference.


Both of those the batteries are acknowledged as button batteries and are utilized in unique varieties of low electric power gadgets like toys, personal computers, calculators, and watches, to identify a few. These button cells can be applied interchangeably in compatible products.

So what’s the variation?

Although both the button batteries present 3 volts, the variation lies in the thickness. The diameter of CR2025 is 20mm and thickness is 2.5mm. In the same way, the CR2032 is 3.2mm thick and attributes 20mm of diameter. The diameter is the most essential detail when it comes to installing a battery in a gadget.


mAh is quick for milliampere-hour. As significantly as batteries are anxious, this phrase refers to how extensive the battery can carry its electricity and how long it can electrical power the product it is set up in right before you will need to switch it.

Frequently, the CR2025 features 165mAh of ability although the other features 225 mAh. Based on how normally the product is made use of, you may want to choose for the suitable unit.

Brand names

Some people pick a unit that suits properly and is effective terrific, while other people stress about specifics. Provided down below is a description of some preferred models and the battery specifics.

THE CR2025

Eunicell: this variety features a pack of 5 and delivers 150 mAh of energy and a lifespan of up to 2 many years.

CELEWELL: it comes in a pack of 5 and costs a bit much more. Even so, it’s an ideal decision for good trackers as it has an mAh potential of 170+.

Energizer: With an mAh of 163, this a person can maintain its electricity for as numerous as 8 decades when saved.

THE CR2032

ExcellBattery: it will come in a pack of 4 and features a ability of 225mAh.

LiCB: With a shelf existence of 8 many years and a ability score of 240mAh, this battery form is ROHS qualified and free of mercury.

Energizer: It has a capacity of 240 mAh and lasts significantly extended. Just like CR2020, it will come in a pack of 5.

This was a essential variance involving the two batteries. If you want to get 1, make absolutely sure you contemplate these variances. This way you will be able to make a considerably superior conclusion dependent on your wants.


In quick, there is not a major big difference in between the CR2032 and CR2020. Even though a CR2032 gives a for a longer time storage everyday living, you may not take pleasure in this advantage at all periods. The only significant big difference is the capability, which is specified in mAh. Hence, what you will need to do is get a whole pack. This will help you save you cash and you will not likely have to push to the marketplace to get an additional battery.

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