How to Replace a Quartz Pocket Watch Battery?

Opening the enjoy situation go over

  1. Pull the stem out which is proper on best of the pocket check out to stop it functioning temporarily even though with a lifeless battery, it may possibly now stopped performing in any case.
  2. Flip over the pocket look at.
  3. The most common and least complicated way is to use the situation knife.
  4. Obtain the recessed region on the edge of the back deal with this is the obtain stage to insert the circumstance knife. This recessed indent area is usually quite tiny with the size .25-.375″ so you require to look for it really meticulously. Occasionally, the indent is right less than the stem but not generally essentially. You might run your fingers all over the back deal with rim if it is really hard to see.
  5. Maintain the pocket look at in one hand and the circumstance knife in the other hand.
  6. Slide the circumstance knife (blade at its widest place) under the edge of the again of the scenario.
  7. Carefully push the situation knife to the scenario, twist and pry off, until eventually you hear or really feel the “pop”

Getting rid of the aged battery

  1. Just after the protect has been taken off, you will see the battery.
  2. See how the aged battery is inserted, most very likely you will see the battery variety variety engraved side struggling with up.
  3. Test the battery sort quantity in buy to get a new similar just one to area it.
  4. Use a pair of tweezers to clear away the battery.
  5. Use a brush to cleanse all-around and get rid of the grime and debris from the view compartment and the rim of the enjoy address, and use a dust blower to blow away the dust.
  6. Adhere in the new battery and shift back the spring arm in the battery situation at the identical time with the tweezers, and press the battery down and enable it established properly in the battery situation.


  1. Spot the address back again to the view.
  2. Just, but carefully, thrust the protect back again to the enjoy utilizing your fingers.
  3. Beware of breaking the glass by means of uneven stress.
  4. Make guaranteed the deal with is securely back to the observe.
  5. Regulate the time and push the stem back again.
  6. Clear the look at with a cleansing fabric.


  • Check out not to use a frequent sharp edge knife or a flat screwdriver except you are definitely excellent and experienced in undertaking so. This may perhaps scratch the enjoy case and leave marks on the scenario address. And you may hurt on your own far too. The ideal software to use is a circumstance knife or check out situation opener which is with blunt blade.
  • Use a great and comfortable fabric to keep the pocket enjoy for pry off and put back the case include, this will defend both your hand and the look at from being hurt by knife slip.
  • Use the blade in its place of the level of the circumstance knife when opening the again deal with.
  • A plastic tweezers might be superior than a metal 1 in protecting the mechanism of the watch inside.
  • Finally, vintage, water resistant and or specialized pocket observe must be taken to the qualified.

Source by Cynthia Watson
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